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Okay, Chapter 1 is not being thought up. It just won't think itself up! So, I've had this idea for awhile. I mean, it's just a thought, but I've this OC, Indonesia. And I've been thinking of an Indonesia X England. It' short but yeah. Here we go~~~
Lastri sighed. "I missed the meeting for this year's track team. This sucks." She frowned and headed home. "No point in moping. Being a senior sucks, there's no next year." She noticed there were football (meaning soccer here) tryouts. "Hmm...... Might as well, I guess it'll work, there's lots of running."
Arthur smiled triumphantly. He was the captain of the football team, and he had to pick out the members. "Alright, is everyone here?"

"Wait! I'm sorry, I'm late." A girl looking no older than Arthur himself came running to the field. "I'm glad I made it." She smiled. The girl was quite cute looking; long brown hair, a tall slim figure, long pretty legs built for a runner, and she had a very pretty smile.

Arthur felt heat rise up to his face. "I think you're lost." He smiled politely. "The track meeting was over there, and it just finished."

"I'm not going to ask how you knew I was going for track, but no. I'm not in the wrong place. I wanna try out for the football team."

"Oh. Alright then love, sign that sheet over there and grab yourself a number." He pointed at the clipboard that sat on the bleachers.

She nodded and did as she was told. And as soon as she got her number, 48, Arthur began with his introduction. "Afternoon, I'm Arthur Kirkland, the captain of the football team. I am a senior, so I will be graduating this year, it also means I'm going to be picking out the captain for next year as well. I expect you all to be arriving to these meetings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are not to arrive, inform me. I hope to see good sportsmanship and also no ball hogging in this practi-"

"Oh shut up and let's get on with it!" One of the boys shouted.

Arthur made a mental not about number 44, and then continued. "Also, I would like to point out one more thing, if you are not chosen. It does not mean you are a loser, or you suck. It just means you need to try harder next year. Okay?"

"To my right I want, 67, 44, 23, 22, 12, 34, 57, 84, 39, 42, and 65. The boys lined up accordingly to their numbers. To my left 33, 48, 77, 69, 34, 99, 27, 30, 72, 56, and 38." He sat down on a bench. "You are allowed to decide who gets what position, just play fair. I'll count to one hundred and then we'll start."
The teams huddled down and started discussing who was good at what, and what they would all be, where their positions were and last but not least, who was blocking who.
"Ninety-three. (Dayum, Arthur you count fast //shot XP)
The teams stood up straight and looked at Arthur. "The team that was on my right have the left goal. Other team, you guys have the right goal." He gave them a minute to position themselves. "Start!" He blew into his whistle and the game started.
(Skipping of the Time. Because, although I know how to play soccer, I don't know how to write out the plays. XP)
Two hours and the sun was setting. Two hours later and everyone was pooped. "Alright then, thank you for coming, and have a good day. The results will hopefully be up tomorrow, and the day after at the most." Arthur stood up and grabbed his bag. "Come on. I'm not leaving till everyone's gone."

Lastri was the last to leave, "Thank you." She smiled and shut the lights walked passed the bleachers.

"Are you walking home alone?" Arthur stared at her face solemnly.

"I'll be okay." She forced her best fake smile, the one that no one saw through.

"I insist, I don't mind." He looked at her.

"Just leave me be, okay?" She stared at him long and hard before turning on her heel and walking in the general direction of her house.

"Can I at least know your name? I'm Ar-"

"I know, you're Arthur. You introduced yourself earlier."

He smiled. "So yours?"

"Why are you so interested?"

"I can't know the name of our only female member?"

"Hm... Let me think about it." She continued to walk further and further away from Arthur.

"Wait up, love!" He jogged after her. "So, your name? Yes or no?"



"I'm Lastri. Lastri Liem Sioe Liong. I was track captain from 6th grade till last year. I didn't get there in time for this year's. But I'm guessing I'm a soccer player now?" She smirked at him.

"Yes. Yes you are. So Miss Lastr-"

"Just Lastri."

"So Lastri, are you going to walk home alone? Or can I, the gentleman soccer captain, walk home such a pretty lady?" He smiled arrogantly.

"No." She took off. "If you want to walk me home, you have to catch me first!"
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That's pretty good so far~
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